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I'm missing a product in my order, what do I do?

If you are missing one or more products in your order, please contact us by email Hello@lanolacopenhagen.com - mark the subject field with "missing product" send a screenshot of your order overview and elaborate which products are missing - the order overview can be found in the order confirmation we have sent you by email - if you have trouble finding the email, look in the spam / junk mail filter. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with a solution!

What do I do, if I receive a defect product in my order?

If you receive a product with a manufacturing defect or other defect. Please contact us by email Hello@lanolacopenhagen.com - mark the subject field with "Defective product" describe what is wrong with the product you have received and attach a picture of the error. We will return to you as soon as possible!

What do I do, if I don't receive my order within your delevery time?

If you have received an email that your order is on its way, but still have not received your package within our 2-5 days delivery time, please contact DAO with the tracking number you have received from DAO by email, to hear how far your package is. If DAO informs you that your package has been lost, please contact us at Hello@lanolacopenhagen.com and explain the situation so we can get into the problem as fast as possible and then we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What do I do, if my package status says delivered, but I have not received anything? 

If you receive either an email or text message that DAO has delivered your package, but you have not received anything, please contact DAO with the tracking number you have been sent by email to hear if the package is still on its way. Sometimes we experience that packages that are to be delivered are delivered one of the following days. If DAO informs that the package has been lost, please contact us at Hello@lanolacopenhagen.com and outline the situation to make us understand the problem, then we will return as soon as possible!

Can I cancel my order? 

You can cancel your order, but only if it has not been shipped. As soon as it's out of our hands, the rules of "return and exchange" apply. You must therefore wait until you receive your order to be able to return or exchange - you have 14 days to do this when you have received the package.

One question we often get is, "can I not pick up my package at the post office to have it returned free of charge if I know in advance that the item needs to be exchanged or returned?" Our answer is, no - unfortunately you can not. The package will only be sent back to our warehouse after 10 working days if it is not picked up by the customer, this means that the exchange / return period of the 14 days often has expired. Another reason is that there is no name or order number when we receive 'uncollected packages', and therefore we have difficulty finding the customer who the package belongs to.


If a product is sold out and I pre-order, when will I be receiving the product? 

We have made it possible for you to pre-order sold out items, the reason for this is an insanely high demand for our products, which can make it difficult for us to keep up with inventory. It is therefore necessary to pre-order a sold-out product if you want to be sure of getting the item. We always write under the product when you can expect the item to be in stock again, and this is also when you can expect the item to be sent to those who have pre-ordered.

What does it mean to pre-order a product? 

Pre-ordering with us means that you "reserve" the product - pre-orders are prioritized and have first right. The waiting time is a bit longer, but you are guaranteed the product you want - this is important as our products are selling out quickly due to high demand.

How often do you get new styles?

We aim to launch new styles every month!

If i've got a question regarding a product, where can I seek help?

You can always write on our webshop LiveChat, where we usually respond within 5-10 min - If we are busy or it is outside our opening hours and you are looking for other methods, you can always send us an email at Hello@lanolacopenhagen.com - We will then return as soon as possible!


Is is free to return a product? 

It is not free to return a product - it costs 49.50DKK. We work hard to make it possible for us to offer free returns and we look forward to providing that service to our customers. You can return your product HERE

How does it work to exchange a product?

We have made it easy for you to exchange a product. We pay for the shipping back to you, so you avoid this expense - we fully understand that online shopping can be difficult with sizes and fit, therefore we want to provide this service to our customers. You can exchange your product HERE

Do you refund the shipping expenses if the customer decide to return an order? 

We always refund the entire purchase amount incl. the shipping to the customer, if the customer returns the ENTIRE order, if for example the customer chooses to only return one of the products out of several, the shipping will not be refunded.

When can I expect the purchase amount on my banking account ? 

You can expect the purchase amount back in your account within 5-10 banking days.

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